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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tom and Loki - polymer clay

Alright my darlings ...
So, I had been talking to a dear friend of mine over chat and such, and I had this insane, beautifully gorgeous idea come to me. Thusly, it had to happen.
What, you ask?
Well, I shall show you.
 For those who do not know of a certain British actor named Tom Hiddleston ... well, you know of him now. Amazing, amazing actor and wonderful guy in general (as most everyone thinks... ehehehe!). He's more known for his parts in the Thor movies and The Avengers as Loki of Asgard (duh, you wouldn't be here if you weren't nerds and knew of him) ...
Ok, off the bunny trail already, Abilaine.
This is what happened ...

So, yes, apart from being excessively nerdy and rather ridiculous ... I love them both sooo terribly! Yet, alas, in vain. They were made (as I said) for a friend and I have a Loki already so no need to be greedy and mean. :D hehe!

I did not even hint that I was sending them (believe me, I was grinning and laughing over my pure genius for days) and she was ... well, surprised I think. *winks*

I admit it, I am afraid I got utterly too attached to "tiny Tom" when I was making him.
TAKE CARE OF HIM, my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where was I?
(I just want to pinch him little cheeks!!!!)

Gotta say, am rather proud of the hair.
Yea, yea, I'm so humble but seriously ... the fabulousness is astounding. *swoooons*

There you have them, people.
~The Abilaine

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