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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Just a quick note to say ...

Hello, hello everyone.

So, I started this blog a while back but didn't truly post much on it. Now I think it's time to start it up again!

A BIG thank you to those who have encouraged and supported me on Blogger and Pinterest. Very grateful for all of your comments and believe me it has challenged and inspired me more than you know to go on with my art.

Expect some posts within these next few days. Going to be posting some of my drawings from 2014 (hopefully) and really just go on from there.

I'm also thinking about using this blog not only for my art but also for my projects, such as my Polymer clay, cardboard, sewing/costume creations. (maybe even some tutorials) :D

I've made a page that tells all about me that you should find at the top under the title of the blog, if you want to know me a bit better.

May God Bless,

-The Abilaine

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