"Life is not a dress rehearsal. The curtain is up and you are on. So get out there and give it your best shot." ~Unknown

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Abilaine's tips and all the stuff

Hey, hey, my wonderful people. 

So, had this idea that I should write a little something on things I've learned over a pretty recent time period, in my art spafically. But before I say one word, here's the cheese ..

Everyone. Is. Different.

We don't all have the same ideas, likes, passions, and expressions. So, what I do could be completely irrelevant to someone else. Advice is advice, and 
NOT grounded truth. We all have a way of going about things. :D


I am simply going to share what has helped me "advance" in my art in three separate sections, or groups - the  do's, dont's and how's of art.

Let's get this started.

*sips coffee and cracks knuckles*

"Practice makes perfect."

Darlings. It most defiantly does not. Perfection is not humanly possible (yeah, yeah, blah, blah) ... However, practice does indeed make progress.

Practice is the only way people learn, the only way they know what they are doing fully and truly.


One way I have kept myself at my art is the fact that I have people I admire. I ADORE Disney artists but whoever's art style you like, let you mind keep a fresh idea of what you want to go for.


Allow you pencil and brushes to work for you, not against you. 

(for myself personally) I used to be sort of ... I don't know, shy with my art. The way I drew things showed that I was not all that confident in my abilities. So, don't be afraid to just let it all out, take risks because nothing ever happens if you just sit around and are afraid to let it go.

(Was that a reference? No. Stop...)


I'm talking about working from reference pictures. It not only helps artists who are self taught, but you're accuracy of objects and people will be much more strongly based.


Remind yourself of why you want it, why you love it. Don't push it. You'll get to where you need to go, so be patient. 

(It's looks like French ... Does anyone know how it's spelled?! Hahahah!)

Don't be ... 

Don't be frightened over whether you'll fail a new technic or idea. Failure is only a steppingstone to success.

Here's a song about it:

Yeah, yeah, you're probably thinking "what is this? she's a wacko musical theatre freak...!". 
Shut up and listen anyway.


Don't be ...

Scared of qurituqe or advice. It will help you learn in ways you wouldn't if you just keep your art hidden away. 


Set goals

Believe me, giving yourself deadlines and incentives will create a greater goal mindset. 

Enjoy it 

AGAIN, don't push it. If you do, it's not gonna work. Just breathe and go out and sketch. Let yourself just doodle around and take adventures of what your pencil will do ... 

So. Let me know if that all helped or encouraged.

Good day, loves!

-The Abilaine 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"Steampunk" notebook cover


I have been wanting to try my hand at the whole "steampunk" look in a craft, so this is what turned out.

I plan to bind paper and make it into a journal or something like that. Hehe!

I began with cardboard, painted over it and made the bends for the spine.

With lighter brown, I did two stripes of cardboard to add somewhat of "hinges" for the book.


This is the finished product BEFORE I added gold spray paint ...

Some of the pieces and scraps are made of polymer clay (by myself) and obviously others aren't.

 (Btw, is it illegal to spray paint a penny? Because I might go to jail for being the first person to do so. JAHAHAHAH!

Ahem! Sorry, couldn't resist that. XD

Close up.

I'll post when I have done the paper binding and it it truly finished.

-The Abilaine 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Winter gown

Let it snow!! LET IT SNOOOWW!!

I just really love winter, people. Snow, and hot chockoate, and gloves, and scarves, and crunchy leaves, and boots, and hats, and ... Ok. I'm done. Ehehehe!

Got the main idea for this from something Sarah had sent me. At first I was not thinking fur or anything of the type! But, as I said, when I saw her ideas I was convinced. :D

I used a TON of pearl paint on this to give it the whole winter feel. I WOULD SOOOO WEAR THIS ONE!! I wish!!

(Yeah, I wish I had the funds to actual sew these, yet ... YIKES!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IT WOULD COST!! EEEK!)

Her Eskimo look turned out to be perfect for this!! Ahh!

The icicles seem dangerous if you ever fell. XD 

Other three seasons:


Autumn gown

Ahhhh! I feel like a mother being asked who her favorite kid is!! BUT THIS IS MY FAVOURITE!!

Adore the autumn season. The weather is not too hot, not too cold. Perfection!! And plus there's pie. 

Ok. Where was I?


 I wanted this gown to have a look of an oak tree, and the leaves were falling to the ground (or skirt in this instance) I thought a ball gown (thus the full skirt). 

Aaaaaand I'm a sucker for crowns/hats of ANY kind thusly I crowned her Queen of the Autmun. Eheh!

Again, I am doing this with the help and inspiration of Sarah from her blog Poetic Meditations.

Other three seasons:

-The Abilaine

Summer gown


Not my favorite of the seasons but I like it all the same.

 My thoughts on this one was to go a bit Hawian with her looks. So I added grass among the flowers and at the top of the neckline.

I wonder how heavy the bottom is though? Honestly? HAHAHAHA!

As I did in all in this series, I used mypearl  paints to give shine and shimmer.

The other three seasons:

-The Abilaine

Spring gown


Spring defiantly sprung over this gown!! EHEHE! Had fun doing this though it did take a while ...

I wanted it to feel like she had just walked out of winter, just beginning to bloom and grow. 

Drew my ideas for this one from quite a bit of different of my own and Sarah's. 

Yes, she looks like Rapunzel from Tangled!! Haha! I wasn't originally going for that but ... It ended up so. :D

I like this one well enough but it's my least favorite I have to admit. I'M SUCH A  PERFECTIONIST!! 

The other three seasons:

-The Abilaine

Nature gown design project

Hello hello! 

So over the past week I have began a small challenge with the assistance of an amazing artist friend of my mine!! Yay! Thank you again, Sarah!

We have a Pinterest board that will become public when we have finished if you want to see how we got the ideas.

So, the basic idea is to do gowns based upon nature. The four seasons and the elements and whatever comes to mind really. The sun and moon. Grass and sky. Get the picture? Ehhe!

I have a few other projects which I am going to post soon as well!!! AHHH!

Have a happy week!
-The Abilaine 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Being An Artist 101


  This may be a bit crazy.

  We shall begin.

  *cracks knuckles*

  Being an artist takes work.  It's not easy. You just don't take up a pencil, slap some paint on a page, and BOOM!
 It's sometimes a painful process. BUUUTTT ...


Yeah, yeah, I mean the whole staying up till 3 A.M. to finish painting that piece of art that could rival the great Leonardo de Vinci himself, people!!

  But then you wake up like this ...

AAAAAAAAAand if you have the tendency to use coffee as false courage to face the world ...
Thusly, after the caffeine takes hold ...
So, you sit. And sit. And sit.
Back cramps, anyone?!?!?!
Ok anyways.
So after sitting, and sitting, and sitting, and sitting, you get up for a snack all like ...
(let's face it, if most of us tried that, we'd all be in the emergency room ...)
Wait, where was I going with this one?
Oh, snacks.
And did I mention coffee??!?!?
 I did ...
Eh, we need another one by now.
So, after walking around the kitchen and eating hordes of food ...
Let's talk about ...
Yes, your eraser (like rubbed off yesterday) just put a nice, fabulous black streak
across the paper.
And do people even know how unsafe it is to try and talk you when you're
"in the mode"?
Then you ...
Follow me?
Last but not least (yeah here it comes) ...
*drum roll*
When someone looks at your art.
*horrified screams in background*
Ok. So we all take a sense of pride in all we do, yes? Hmm. It's not that we don't
want people to see our work ... it's just ... we don't? Is it a protective thing? What?
But either people do this with your art ...
"Oh .. you draw."
Or this ...
!!!!!!!!!AND THEN THEY THUMB THE PAGE!!!!!!!!!!
And you sit in silence looking something like a baby hawk waiting
 for it's mommy to come back with breakfast ...
(see what I did there? no? ok ...)
And then the famed ...
"Why don't you draw me?"

So, after a long day (and possibly half a night) you fall into your fluffy pillows, like the
near-dead artist you are.

 And that, my friends, is being an artist as told by moi.



Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Minecraft "Creeper" box


Glue, paint, glue, paint, glue, paint, GLUE, PAINT, GLUE, PAINT, GLLLUUUEEE, PPPAAAIIINNNTTT!

Pretty much sums up the whole project but here she is in all her glory.


Cardboard box and cardboard little "pixels" I hand painted, then glued on individually. Tedious at the least but amazing in the end. Ehehehehe!

Sssssssshhhhhhhssssssshshhhh ... *screams* 

(And only gamers will get that one ... Muwhahah!)


Thusly, awesomeness shall go into it. 

Comment or whatever. Hehe! 


Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I Hello, hello, hello!

Alrighty, been a crazy hectic INSANE few weeks and more is coming up ... Posts have been quite sparse yet here is a dump of art to keep you all happy!  :D

Attended a family conference which lasted a week (AND NO WIFI!!! ahhhh! THR HORROR!) but got some sketch time in while I was listening to come amazing Godly speakers.

People I drew in a session ... My dear little friend is "zee artist"

A freind, actually, but she doesn't know I did this so SHHHHHH ... *chuckles madly*

History history history ... Buried in the stuff yet enjoying every moment of it, I assure you.

Moses parting the Red Sea ... Did this as part of my history projects (hahah! As if I didn't have enough projects going on anyways) but have been meaning to do some Bible illustrations. 

Any ideas or requests in that line? Hmm?

Some Pride and Prejudice sketches I did late at night ... Mostly working on getting my own concept ideas for the characters. EHEH!

Bingley, Miss Bingley and Darcy ... (No, Darcy doesn't look a thing like the BBC Sherlock ... *snickers* And, no, I do not watch it)

"Lizzy, stop it!"

Ah, and yes, my dears, yet another Loki ... Did this one completely free-handed so am happy with that. 
He looks so calm though ... 

Duh, cause one always needs a close up of Loki ...

Whelp, there it is, darlings.

More posts coming soon. Have projects overloading my brain thusly they must get out into whatever form they wish to take ... :}

Have an amazing rest of the week!
-The Abilaine