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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I Hello, hello, hello!

Alrighty, been a crazy hectic INSANE few weeks and more is coming up ... Posts have been quite sparse yet here is a dump of art to keep you all happy!  :D

Attended a family conference which lasted a week (AND NO WIFI!!! ahhhh! THR HORROR!) but got some sketch time in while I was listening to come amazing Godly speakers.

People I drew in a session ... My dear little friend is "zee artist"

A freind, actually, but she doesn't know I did this so SHHHHHH ... *chuckles madly*

History history history ... Buried in the stuff yet enjoying every moment of it, I assure you.

Moses parting the Red Sea ... Did this as part of my history projects (hahah! As if I didn't have enough projects going on anyways) but have been meaning to do some Bible illustrations. 

Any ideas or requests in that line? Hmm?

Some Pride and Prejudice sketches I did late at night ... Mostly working on getting my own concept ideas for the characters. EHEH!

Bingley, Miss Bingley and Darcy ... (No, Darcy doesn't look a thing like the BBC Sherlock ... *snickers* And, no, I do not watch it)

"Lizzy, stop it!"

Ah, and yes, my dears, yet another Loki ... Did this one completely free-handed so am happy with that. 
He looks so calm though ... 

Duh, cause one always needs a close up of Loki ...

Whelp, there it is, darlings.

More posts coming soon. Have projects overloading my brain thusly they must get out into whatever form they wish to take ... :}

Have an amazing rest of the week!
-The Abilaine


  1. Beautiful!!! And that one of Moses parting the Red Sea.... SO COOL!!!!!

  2. oh my gosh! YOU DIDN'T!!! BUT YOU DID!!!!!! You drew the "EVIL COWBOY!!!!!!!!" OH MY COW! and our mutual friend is gonna kill you when she sees that!!!

    1. Yes, yes, "the evil cowboy". AND I GO TO CHURCH WITH HIM SO IT'S NOT ALL THAT BAD FOR YOU. ahah! (he still looks like Frandral though ....) She's gonna kill me anyways so it doesn't really matter all that much ... bahahahhaha!

  3. I'd love to see an illustrated drawing of Jesus turning water to wine! Would be so interesting! Love the Moses sketch!!!


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