"Life is not a dress rehearsal. The curtain is up and you are on. So get out there and give it your best shot." ~Unknown

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Abilaine's tips and all the stuff

Hey, hey, my wonderful people. 

So, had this idea that I should write a little something on things I've learned over a pretty recent time period, in my art spafically. But before I say one word, here's the cheese ..

Everyone. Is. Different.

We don't all have the same ideas, likes, passions, and expressions. So, what I do could be completely irrelevant to someone else. Advice is advice, and 
NOT grounded truth. We all have a way of going about things. :D


I am simply going to share what has helped me "advance" in my art in three separate sections, or groups - the  do's, dont's and how's of art.

Let's get this started.

*sips coffee and cracks knuckles*

"Practice makes perfect."

Darlings. It most defiantly does not. Perfection is not humanly possible (yeah, yeah, blah, blah) ... However, practice does indeed make progress.

Practice is the only way people learn, the only way they know what they are doing fully and truly.


One way I have kept myself at my art is the fact that I have people I admire. I ADORE Disney artists but whoever's art style you like, let you mind keep a fresh idea of what you want to go for.


Allow you pencil and brushes to work for you, not against you. 

(for myself personally) I used to be sort of ... I don't know, shy with my art. The way I drew things showed that I was not all that confident in my abilities. So, don't be afraid to just let it all out, take risks because nothing ever happens if you just sit around and are afraid to let it go.

(Was that a reference? No. Stop...)


I'm talking about working from reference pictures. It not only helps artists who are self taught, but you're accuracy of objects and people will be much more strongly based.


Remind yourself of why you want it, why you love it. Don't push it. You'll get to where you need to go, so be patient. 

(It's looks like French ... Does anyone know how it's spelled?! Hahahah!)

Don't be ... 

Don't be frightened over whether you'll fail a new technic or idea. Failure is only a steppingstone to success.

Here's a song about it:

Yeah, yeah, you're probably thinking "what is this? she's a wacko musical theatre freak...!". 
Shut up and listen anyway.


Don't be ...

Scared of qurituqe or advice. It will help you learn in ways you wouldn't if you just keep your art hidden away. 


Set goals

Believe me, giving yourself deadlines and incentives will create a greater goal mindset. 

Enjoy it 

AGAIN, don't push it. If you do, it's not gonna work. Just breathe and go out and sketch. Let yourself just doodle around and take adventures of what your pencil will do ... 

So. Let me know if that all helped or encouraged.

Good day, loves!

-The Abilaine