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Friday, February 6, 2015

Mad Hatter hat, Minecraft sword, and King Thranduil's crown

 Ok ok, so as I said I am going to post some of my creations. :D

So let's get to it.

Mad Hatter's Hat (from Alice in Wonderland)

Had sooo much fun doing this.
The base is cardboard, and then I bought some brown material and sewed it onto the cardboard with tan/gold thread. Believe me, strenuous work people! LOL! But I was very surprised at how it turned out. 

Originally I was planning to cover the whole hat in the green-ish lace at the top but I changed my mind when it turned out this way, with the sort of "steampunk" look and feel. Hehe!

I NEVER keep up with how much time I spend on something because when it's done, it's done. Hehe! But I think it took about 10 hours to make the whole thing.


Minecraft sword

Ok, so for those who don't know, Minecraft is a game consisting of pixels only. Awesomely epic (not to mention the only game I will play most of the time). Hehe!

This is mostly cardboard. I used heavy duty glue to bind everything together, and to give extra support and weight I stuck a long price of thin wood through the whole length. 

Took an INSANE ammount of time for the pixel look. A took sheets of very thin cardboard and spray painted them gold and silver. Then cut out each one and glued them onto the sword. HARD work and about went crazy (maybe because
of the fumes coming from the paint buuut ... LOL!)

It's hilarious fun to go around the house and wield my weapon at my siblings. HAHAHAH! But be assured there have been no casualties. XD

King Thranuil's Elven crown 

Last but not least people. Did this a while back when "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" came out (whenever that was).

I was not wanting to make the project cost a fortune (I mean who has a fortune to spend at Hobby Lobby anyways?!) thusly I got rather creative.

Belive it or not, you are looking at real sticks right here. :D Went out into the woods like a pioneer and hunted me up some sticks (yea, I am regular crazy creator), then used gardening wire wrapped around them to get the shape. I spray painted the whole thing with matalic gold/sliver paint. I made paper leaves (because I was a bit pressed for funds right then), spray painted them, and attached them with the wire (by the way, BAD idea folks). Am going to have to go back and probably hot glue them on. :)
(and, yes, so far it has held up nicely seeing how it was constructed... XD)
So there you have it.

Comment what ya'll think!! Hehe!

Oh, and I will be actually posting step by step craziness of my future projects. :D

-The Abilaine


And, yes, you may have caught glimps of this in the photos above. Painted this on my wall. XD

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  1. Absolutely LOVE Thranduil's crown. :3 It's awesome! <3



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