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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Weekly art dump

Alright, my friends.

So I am thinking of posting the drawings I have done each week in one big ... Well, dump. :D I may or may not, and I might even post one drawing every few days or so. 

But anyways, enough of my rambling. Here's some of my lastest works. 

The Snowqueen ... My friend is quite obsessed right now with Frozen and Elsa in general so I've been inspired. 

MK from Epic 

BAAAAAA ... Ok, I won't. 
Watched The Lion King for the first
time in forever ... (Eh? Anyone get that hidden reference! Haha!)

Ok moving on. XD

Tony Stark ... 

Loki ... Face it, there will be quite a bit of him because this is my blog and ... Yea, there is going to be a lot of him. Haha!

Loki from Thor: The Dark World ... No. I hav'nt seen it yet. I know, I know. Shame on me.

Some will know, some will not. *grins and walks away*

My rendition of Pride and Prejudice's Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy XD

Ok. Rant time.
I ADORE Jane Austen. Amazing, amazing author and her stories are filled with such beauty and British-ness! Hehe! Such lovely, sweet romances but that's hardly even the tip of the iceberg with Jane. She had such an understanding of words and life, and hidden in her writing is a (very understandable) dislike, if you will, for society back then.

Anyways. Read her books. Now.

*end of rant*

... AAAAAND here's me and some
of my crazy, absolulty hilarious best friends. So thankful for them. 
And, yes, it really is like this when we see eachother. I'm usually ranting about something or another ... :D

Thank you, my lovelies!


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