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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Birthday loveliness

 So, my birthday was this month ... :}

*clears throat


OK. I'm sorry. :}

Alrighty, sooo ... my dearest friend Hannah (at Hannah's Haberdashery) pulled together a crazy party for me, my sister (who has a birthday in this month as well ... hehe!), and another friend. :D They both are just the best, kindest things on this planet. So very blessed to have them!

*high-pitched squeal*

JUST LOOK AT ALL THE DARLING PERFECTION?!?!?! I could hardly pull it out of it's bag when she gave it to me, honestly!!! He has the most soft, fluffy hair ... it's loveliness!!

 *completely goes into giggle fit*

And, prepare, my friend (she knows who she is). :} I'll convert you.

If you want to see more of Hannah's amazingness, go here.

This was me when I got home with it:

(honest... O.o)

 And for those who don't know ... yes. I am an absolute fan of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast".
So when my friend handed me this I was completely ecstatic.

I've seen soo many crayon melts but I have never tried it. LOVE it so much! Thank you, Elizabeth. It went straight on my wall, by the way. :D




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