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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast (pencil)

Used pencil for this one. Love Belle and had never done her so ... Ta-da! 

-The Abilaine


  1. Hey Abilaine!
    Wow so many posts from one of my all time favorite artists and bloggers!
    It's safe to say I nearly cried tears of joy when I saw you were posting on here again hehe.

    You have seriously improved since last you posted on here and my goodness you were
    already good before but now....I tremble in awe....okay calm down girl.
    Anyways I'm always impressed by you but this last drawing dump really blew me away... :)
    as a fellow artist I can appreciate good art, I can also appreciate how seeing good art inspires me
    to want to start drawing again, to go outside of my comfort zone and expand upon what I can already do.

    Keep posting on here and for every post you do I'll try to come up with a drawing of my own to post on The Artistic Writer :)

    Are you taking requests, if so I have some things I'd love to see you draw and if there is anything you'd like to challenge me to draw please let me know, I love a good challenge, not that I could match you...we're in two different area's of the drawing spectrum and I think you've exceeded me :j

    Your Friend and Fellow Artist
    Sarah. PG

    1. THANK YOU sooo very much, Sarah, for the support and encouragement. Believe me you have no idea how much it was needed today. You are an amazing artist and an amazing young lady, and I thank God for bringing you into my life. XD

      Thank you. I have been working quite hard on my drawing skills and am glad I have improved. eheh!
      And I would have to encourage you to absolutely go out of your comfort zone. It's the only was you will improve. It does not matter how many times you fail just do it again and again and you will see how much you learn from that alone. ;) No one but you is holding you back where drawing comes in - keep on no matter what.

      Yes, I am thinking of taking challenges. Still thinking on it. Will post about it soon, OK?

      Please know I am so encouraged that you love my art so much!! Honestly, some days it feels as if it just does not matter. And yet I know it does but it is always just AMAZING to hear from people. hehe!

      Many hugs and bunches of thanks!
      ~The Abilaine

  2. I thought you had drawn Belle before but I guess not :)
    Lovely as always :)

    1. AWWW thank you Emelie. Nope, had not drawn her. She's incredibly hard. LOL! Miss you guys soo much!!


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